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Keep It Moving

How do you get a jump on the competitive wave? Or at the very least, maintain basic forward online marketing movement? The short answer: keep your voice fresh and brand message active with the free tools you already have. “Active” being the key word. Marketing is an ongoing practice and not a one time post or ad. It needs to be managed and maintained – over time, with an ongoing, scheduled strategy that is adhered to. This will help you stay relevant and keep your audience (and customers) attentive. Hopefully keeping them coming back again and again.

This is obviously easier said than done. Or is it? The “big secret” to a healthy marketing strategy isn’t that complex. It is simply “doing it”– consistently and honestly. For example, if I had a nickel for every company blog, or social portal that I’ve visited that seems to have been neglected, I’d be a rich man. Outdated blog entries, social sites that collect dust, or simple relinks of stale content, are missing opportunities to engage an audience authentically and keep those lines of communication open with their audience and customers. Simply write, share, engage, and most importantly–post…and post often. As long as you know why your company is differentiated from your competition, then you have plenty to say. Don’t worry about the quality of writing, that will develop organically and you will find your voice and get better over time.

I know it can seem intimidating, but you don’t have to be a jack-of-all-trades, you just simply need to know that you should be utilizing these online tools in addition to your other traditional marketing messages and branding positioning strategies. Now get writing and let us know if you need any help. You can’t catch that wave if you don’t start paddling.