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Recommended Reading

Here at Vsble we love to learn. We especially like to gain insight about our industry through stories of experiences by those who are leaders in their fields. Adobe 99U tells the stories of how creative leaders master their crafts and shape their industries. They do this in a variety of ways – daily on, quarterly in 99U Magazine, and annually at the 99U Conference in New York City. Whether you’re a designer, marketer, engineer, educator, artist, or CEO — if you approach your work creatively, 99U’s goal is to help you find the inspiration to build an incredible career. We have enjoyed their website and magazine for years, and have recently finished their 3 books: Volume One: Manage Your Day-to-Day, Volume Two: Maximize Your Potential, and Volume Three: Make Your Mark and just thought we’d share. All three books can be purchased on the 99U website store here.